hny everyone

Happy New Year and all that jazz. I’m sure at this time of year you have something you’re feeling a slight/major surge of motivation and energy to finally accomplish. As for me, (more…)


A mouse in the house at 3 AM

I just managed to transport an innocent field mouse (it was a rat, but, with that angelic Judy Bloom-esque face, I can’t bear to stigmatize him like that) out of my house utilizing nothing more than a medium-sized vase and an oven mitt. (more…)



I switched CMS’s from Drupal to WordPress cuz Wordpress is easier and I wanna spend more time making music and smelling flowers and less time configuring configurations. (This is a custom template though that I handcoded with my own two fingers.)

New calendar is on the right – if you ever want to come see me play songs, consult that sidebar. I’ll be making my rounds.

Also, I’ve got a new music project underway for which I’m recording an album of brand new material. Details to come! Much excitement!!!1!!1!!2!!!@2!!