ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.........

Here they are, my four Christmas tracks (one's even original). You can download them for free; perfect for a fresh holiday soundtrack.

Merry Christmas ♥

Everybody Knows it's Christmas Time

Want to download all four tracks? (Yep, they're free.)

Consider it a gift. Oh, and your email's safe with me - promise.

<...strrrreeeeetch...> <...yyyaaaawwwn...>

.....oh....hey guys........what time is it...?.....what day is it....? ...whaaaat...? It's November..? 20..13.....? Man oh man, where have I BEEN all this time...

I've been busy writing new music, that's where I've been. Forreal.

New project underworks. Pouring all my heart, soul, and pelvis into it. Just kidding. (I'm not kidding.) But do prepare your bones to get gently grooved.

Somethin's gonna poke through in December...like a sneak preview... So get back with me then.

(Plus I'll be re-posting all of your holiday favorites, free to download and sure to warm every tender, nostalgic cockle of your heart.)


cinco / cinco / trece

Cinco de Mayo show @ Last Exit Live

show nuff

whitney and me

Hard to believe yesterday marked a year since the world lost Whitney Houston. As a tribute, here's a stripped down performance featuring me *and* Whitney on one of her most soulful tracks.

spotify presents: me

First day on Spotify :)

it's here...

Christmas Without You

Check out my latest Christmas recording :) This is one of my all time faves from Kenny and Dolly's masterpiece of a Christmas record (so many amazing, catchy and well-crafted originals by Dolly), and I worked really hard on this arrangement.

I've got my other Christmas songs up in the sidebar to the right here, every day of the year, and they're all FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Kind of like a gift. From me. (To you.) So mix things up this year and download some new sounds for your holiday playlist. And feel free to share them too.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you. <3 -Ashley

E to the P

Getting my EP ready for your ears and your eyes too (see artwork above by the talented and visionary Jon Hunt). Two never-released tracks will be featured along with two tried-and-true’s. These tracks are being mastered right now. RIGHT NOW. That's how close we are. For now, dig the imagery. I am. :)

thinkin bout you

Frank Ocean cover.